How To Fold a Nordictrack Elliptical

NordicTrack are the pioneers of the elliptical trainer. After decades of development, the best Nordictrack ellipticals pride themselves on state of the art designs and features.

One of which is the folding design. Their foldable ellipticals are specifically designed for small areas of the household so you can store away easily after each use.

But how do you fold up a NordicTrack elliptical? In this article we demonstrate how to do this – depending on which model you have!

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Does the NordicTrack Elliptical fold up?

First and foremost let’s look at if the Nordictrack elliptical folds up. The answer is simple – yes it does! But this depends on which model you have in their series, which they refer to as their ‘space savers’.

Not all of their ellipticals do fold up but some of the rear drive series do have a folding design, this includes:

How do you fold up a NordicTrack elliptical? (SE7i, SE9i, AutoStrider)

If you were wondering specifically how to fold the NordicTrack Spacesaver se9i or how to fold NordicTrack elliptical se7i, all the space saving ellipticals mentioned follow the same method to fold and unfold.

hoe to fold Nordictrack elliptical

But first, safety. Before placing your elliptical in a storage position make sure the upright is in the folded position.

To fold your NordicTrack elliptical follow these steps:

  1. Lift the latch underneath the pedal arm.
  2. Lift the pedal arms off the sleeves that are located on the crank arms.
  3. Raise the pedal arms until they make contact with the magnets on the upper body legs.
  4. These magnets will hold the pedal arms in place in the folded position, but make sure it’s secure before letting go.
  5. Hold the handle and life the frame until its in a vertical position and feels locked.

Your NordicTrack elliptical is now folded up and ready to be stored away.

folding nordictrack elliptical

How do you fold down a NordicTrack elliptical?

When you want to fold down your NordicTrack elliptical ready for use follow these steps:

  1. Hold the handle, press the latch button and gently lower the frame.
  2. Pull the pedal arms away from the magnets which are on the upper body legs.
  3. Lift the latches under the pedal arms
  4. Set the arms on the sleeves of the crank arms
  5. Finally release the latches ensuring that the pedal arms are securely connected to the crank arms.
Folding a Nordictrack Elliptical

Final thoughts

The innovative space saving NordicTrack elliptical range is a must buy. Not only can you keep fit at home, you don’t have to sacrifice a huge amount of space in doing so, even with their adjusted stride length.

The steps to fold and unfold a NordicTrack elliptical are simple. Due to the size and weight of the NordicTrack SE9i it’s recommended to follow these steps with 2 people. 

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