How to Turn on Sole Elliptical

The pioneer of the elliptical industry is Sole. Known for their durable elliptical trainers with a variety of prices and performance. If you are lucky enough to have your home gym equipped with a Sole elliptical, fresh out of the box you might be wondering how to turn on your Sole elliptical. 

Unlike the Sole elliptical plug location, these do not differ depending on the series of Sole Elliptical you have. In this article we will show you how to turn on a Sole Elliptical which will apply to all models.

Sole Elliptical Power Button

An important safety tip before pressing the power button. If your elliptical has been exposed to a cold temperature allow the machine to reach room temperature before turning on the power. If you were to turn the elliptical on while it’s cold it could potentially damage electrical components or the console.

how to turn on a sole elliptical

As with all three of the Sole series, when you turn on the power for the first time the incline system may start to calibrate automatically. During this process the frame will move upward and downwards while it calibrates. The incline system is fully calibrated once the frame stops moving.

How do I turn on my Sole E25 Elliptical?

Before we jump in all sole elliptical models follow the same process for turning the machine on.

Now let’s look at how you turn on your Sole elliptical:

  1. Plug in the power cord and find the power switch on the frame near the power cord. 
  2. Press the power switch to the reset position. 
  3. The console will then turn on and display a preset presentation.

Sole e25 Elliptical Power Cord Location

The sole e25 elliptical power cord location can be found at the front left side of the unit. Pictured below:

Sole e25 Elliptical Power Cord Location

Setting up your console 

Now that your machine is on, before using it for the first time, you’re required to set up the console.

The console will automatically power up. If there is no input o the console for 20 minutes the console will enter stand by mode. When you initially power the console it will perform an internal self test in which the lights will turn on and the software version will display.

This display will last few a few seconds after scrolling through different profiles then close itself, once this is complete you are now ready to start working out on your Sole elliptical. If you wanted to get straight to working out you can use manual mode where you simply press the start button or start pedalling.

How to turn off Sole Elliptical 

To turn off your Sole elliptical simply follow the opposite. Once you have finished using the machine step off and switch the power switch to off.  It’s important that when you are not using your Sole elliptical or cleaning the machine, the power switch is in the off position. If you don’t do this then the electrical components in your elliptical may start to wear.

Now you are all set to turn on your Sole elliptical and start your fitness journey!

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