Cross Trainers

Cross trainers or elliptical trainers are a cardiovascular machine that replicates lower and upper body motions of running, jogging or walking. The machine was invented just over 20 years ago but has since become a gym staple across the globe, as well as a popular home gym machine.

It provides the perfect full body piece of cardio equipment for those that want a low impact total body workout. Depending on the workout you can put emphasis on upper body or lower body.

Many models are equipped with an on board heart rate monitor and computer to help calculate how many calories burned for each session. 

Invest in your fitness with an elliptical for low-impact cardio workouts at home. Choose from a premium brand like NordicTrack to a budget cross trainer. At CardioCapital we take out the headache of choosing the right cross trainer for your needs.

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Best Cross Trainers

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