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What is a Mini Stepper?

A mini stepper is a great all round workout that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. It’s part of the stepper machines range that is compact piece of fitness equipment that simulates walking up steps. You step up and down on the machine using varied resistance, they will appeal to those who are looking for a light to moderate intensity exercise. This motion mainly works the core and lower body but some models do include a handlebar or resistance bands for a supplementary arm workout.

But cant you just walk up and down your stairs at home and get the same benefit? The easy answer is yes. But one of the most appealing aspects of the relatively inexpensive mini stepper is that it takes up very little room and allows you to adjust the difficulty of your workouts with varying resistance levels. The mini stepper machine typically consists of two foot pedals with a metal base. 

In this article we tried out the top 5 best mini steppers to help you choose which would be most suitable for you. We based each model on its performance, durability and value for money.

Best Mini Stepper 2021

Klarfit Powersteps Twist Stepper

As its name suggests this stepper machine allows for a slight twist with each stride. This movement is similar to nordic walking and the motion does not push out to the side. It comes with resistance bands to help increase the intensity of your workout.

The powersteps twist stepper by Klarfit has one stand out feature that none of our other top picks offer in that they come in a variety of colours. You have the option to choose the colour black, blue or pink for the steps themselves. This machine is compact measuring a width of 36cm but boasts a supportive weight of up to 100kg (220lbs). It’s built with a non slip base which provides a solid grip on hard floors. 

This mini stepper offers a handy feature to allow you to track your progress. The training computer displays your step count, calories and RPM (reps per minute). 

One drawback of the stepper is you cannot adjust the tension of the steps. Some report that the design and motion is quite firm which may make this more challenging for the beginner. If you are keen on this model, consider doing shorter workouts to get familiar with the tension level of the steps and progress up through longer sessions when comfortable. Although it is quiet in use its recommended to use on an exercise mat as the firm movement can create more force on the floor. 

Overall the Klarfit Powersteps twist stepper is a solid mini stepper but may not be suitable for beginners with its firm tension.

ANCHEER Swing Stepper Including Resistance Cords/Aerobic Step Height Adjustable Level

Named the swing stepper because the steps can be twisted on their axis. This nifty feature gives you the opportunity to workout different muscle groups or move dynamically which can be more comfortable than a traditional, static stepper machine. This movement is similar to a skating motion as opposed to walking.

The Ancheer swing stepper weighs just 2.5kg and has a weight limit of an impressive 200kg, which is arguably it’s biggest selling point. Measuring a small 26.6’ by 11.3’, this lightweight unit makes the Ancheer swing stepper a great portable exercise tool to travel with and store away hassle free.

This mini stepper allows use to adjust the height of the riser between 3.5 inches – 5.5 inches despite offering no adjustable tension. On the other hand it does offer the optional resistance bands to provide a full body workout. 

Although the motion of the swing stepper is more dynamic it’s surprisingly stable on the floor. It provides a quiet movement without any slipping while in use. The LCD display monitor at the centre of the unit shows step count, calories burned and time.

Overall the Ancheer Swing Stepper is a solid, compact mini stepper, that offers a slightly different movement to a regular mini stepper.

Confidence Twist Stepper

Confidence Twist Stepper

The confidence twist stepper weighs in at around 8.5kg with a maximum user weight of 100kg. This stepper is comparatively heavier than the others yet lightweight enough for portability and storage.

One concern with this particular machine is that it isn’t silent. It’s versatile enough to manage different types of flooring but a soft floor or exercise is recommended due to the noise that’s created from the motion. The motion itself does not move sideways, it’s more of a slight twist movement.

The Confidence Twist Stepper includes exercise ropes to be used as resistance bands. Although it’s a great addition to provide you a full body workout the bands themselves are not adjustable. On this basis, if you are a shorter height you might find these pretty useless. If you are taller than 5 and a half foot, you should be able to make use out of these. 

The integrated display is built in the body of the machine, this tracks your strides, calories and time. When fitting this to the stepper be careful to do this safely so you do not damage the console. If not fitted correctly it cannot be replaced by the included warranty. 

Overall the Confidence Twist Stepper is an affordable mini stepper with the added bonus of the ropes. Although the included resistance bands are a nice inclusion, the stepper itself is quite noisy. For the price it’s a worthwhile investment.

Mirafit Low Impact Aerobic Mini Stepper

Mirafit Low Impact Aerobic Mini Stepper

The mirafit mini stepper is considered one of the most popular on the market. Not only is it well built with strong performance but affordable. This high quality mini stepper offers a support weight of 100kg while sitting at a compact size of 30.5cm x 41cm weighing 7.3kg. 

The base itself is quiet in use with non slip feet. The display sits nicely in the middle of the stepper base, unfortunately it doesn’t offer resistance control on the display or dials. The only way to make your workouts more difficult is to perform the movement quicker or longer. 

Another drawback with the Mirafit mini stepper is that it does not include resistance bands. Although not a deal breaker its focus is to offer a low impact aerobic workout, it does this at an affordable price. 

Overall for the price the Mirafit Mini stepper is a good bit of kit, if you want an affordable low impact mini stepper it’s a great option.

SportPlus 2 in 1 Dual Exercise Stepper

Appearance wise the SportPlus 2 in 1 has a much more premium look in comparisons to the other mini steppers listed.  It offers the standard user weight support of 100kg with the similar dimensions at 40cm x 35cm. 

While the SportPlus 2 in 1 provides fixed resistance which is pretty standard across most mini stepper models it offers something that others don’t. You might be wondering what the “2 in 1” feature is, with this machine there is a lever allowing you to switch different step actions. You can choose from stepping up and down to side to side.

Thanks to the non-slip base and plates you can have peace of mind that regardless of which action you choose, the motion is comfortable and stable. Progress can also be tracked on the display monitor at the front which displays the step count, calories, time and RPM.

Due to its versatility with movement the SportPlus 2 in 1 is a favourite.

How to use a mini stepper

Before you start your mini stepper routine it’s important to ensure that your equipment is set up correctly. Place the mini stepper on a flat surface, you want this to be fully stable and secure while in use. If there is a power button for the equipment press it on until the display illuminates. Some more expensive models require calibration where you input your height, weight and other personal data. This is optional but putting this information in will give you more accurate readings during your workout such as calories burned.

Warm Up

Before you start using the mini stepper or perform any cardio workout make sure you are properly warmed up. Warming up prepares your muscles for exercise by getting the blood flowing. Warming up can be as simple as walking or running on the spot for a few minutes, or performing a very light workout on the mini stepper with no resistance. Doing this also warms up your joints, especially the knees which is most active during the movement.

If your mini stepper includes hand grips, you can use these to help step onto the machine to keep balance. Place one foot on each of the foot pedals. Step downward with one foot which forces the other foot pedal to rise at the same time. While you are doing this movement, allow the arms to be relaxed to keep the primary focus on the leg movement. When your other foot reaches the top of the stepper, press down once more to left the opposing foot pedal. Start the movement slowly, focussing on each foot movement and start to increase the speed once you become familiar with the movement.

Increasing Intensity

Each model provides different ways you can increase the intensity of your workout. Some include resistance bands, others have dials or buttons to allow you to increase the resistance. Typically the resistance buttons or dial is located in the centre of the unit between each step. Increasing the resistance of the pedals makes it more difficult to push downwards, you can increase the intensity by either speeding up the movement or increasing the resistance. But make sure you are comfortable with the movement before doing either of these.

Consult your physical therapist or health care professional before starting any exercise program. This is especially recommended if you have a risk factor for coronary disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cigarette smoking or a family history of heart disease.

Before you begin exercising, check the Mini Stepper for any loose screws or parts and tighten as necessary.

If you experience pain or tightness in your chest, an irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, feel faint or have any discomfort while exercising, STOP immediately! Consult your physician or health care professional before continuing any exercise routine.

If you have a problem keeping your balance, position an item in front of the Mini Stepper to help you keep your balance.

Always wear proper clothing and footwear when exercising.

Keep small children and animals away from the Mini Stepper when in use. Always use your Mini Stepper on a protected, level surface.

How long to use a mini stepper

Regularly using a mini stepper contributes to improve cardiovascular health. Using a stepping motion for exercising is considered a light to moderate aerobic activity. To fully experience the cardiovascular benefit it’s recommended to use a mini stepper for at least 150 minutes per week. This can be performed however it fits your lifestyle. Whether you prefer to do this in multiple sessions throughout the day for 10 minutes at a time or 30 minute sessions per day 5 times a week.

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