Where Do the Cords Plug Into on a Schwinn Elliptical 470?

If you’ve recently invested in a new elliptical trainer, you might be wondering, where do the cords plug into on a Schwinn elliptical 470? The Schwinn elliptical 470’s main power cord plugs into the bottom of the front assembly near the front support. There should be a 3-pronged power outlet similar to one you’d find on something like a games console or laptop power adaptor. Plug the power cord in there, and you’re done.

Where Do the Cords Plug Into on a Schwinn Elliptical 470

Assembly is fairly complex thanks to all the electronics the machine contains. However, you can find out all you need to know by reading this guide.

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However, the Schwinn 470 does have more power cords running through it that power the console, incline and resistance mechanisms. You’ll find connectors in the console, front assembly, and coming out the back of the body. You must connect them as you build the machine otherwise certain parts won’t work.

You’ll find all this information in your instruction manual, although some steps can be quite unclear. Instead, consider watching this video from Schwinn that details the steps for assembling your elliptical trainer. Many people find visuals easier to understand, and it makes everything pretty clear.

The Schwinn 470 uses a small power jack, again similar to what you’d find on a laptop. As such, finding the hole can be a bit challenging because it’s not always as obvious as 1you’d expect. The video above should make it fairly clear, although your instruction manual should also include a clear picture of where the hole is located.

Where is the Plug on a Schwinn Elliptical?

The plug on a Schwinn elliptical is typically located at the front of the machine towards the bottom. The exact placement might vary depending on the exact model, but this is the standard location across most of the company’s range. Getting the plug in there might be more complicated than the instructions given above for the 470.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Power Cord – Where Does it Go?

On the 430, you need to slide an adaptor in before you can insert the power cord. Even so, you’ll find it in roughly the same place.

But why is it located on the front like this?

Well, the answer is fairly simple: safety. There are too many moving parts around the back and sides, and putting a power cord here could lead to some serious issues.

The best-case scenario is that you trip over the cord as you get off the machine. The worst case is that the cable becomes trapped in the machine as you’re using it, which could cause a lot of damage.

Final Thoughts on Schwinn Elliptical Power Cords

Regardless of which Schwinn elliptical you own, the power cord should plug into the front of the machine. As mentioned, there’s some slight variation in its exact location, but it’ll always be at the front. If you’re still having problems, consider getting in touch with Schwinn for more assistance. Once powering up the elliptical you can start to take advantage of the consoles preset programmes.

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