How Many Steps on a Mini Stepper to One Mile

The best mini stepper machines are super convenient and easy to use, and a great way to get our hearts pumping as well as increase our step count, however, one of the slightly annoying things about a mini stepper, is that they count steps, but many don’t tell you how many miles you have travelled.

Unlike other machines such as exercise bikes which often include this information.

So how many steps on a mini stepper to one mile? a quick equation is: Inches in a mile (63, 360) / Step Height (17) = Number of Steps Required To Walk One Mile.  Which is 3727 steps.

Whilst not everyone finds this knowledge necessary, people who are training for hikes etc often find it useful to know how many miles they are walking in an average step session, and with mini steppers and elliptical machines gaining popularity, more and more people are Googling this very question!

With that in mind I decided to write a short article detailing how you can calculate the equivalent miles walked on a mini stepper machine.

How To Calculate Mini Stepper Steps In A Mile

The first thing you need to accept before reading any further, is that calculating the miles on a mini stepper is not an exact science. This is primarily because there are a number of variables which can effect the result.

I highly recommend using a smart watch which not only counts your steps accurately but also the amount of calories burned. This is one I recommend at a reasonable price:

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Many mini stepper models can include the depth of the step which varies from brand to brand, and also personal usage, because not every user will push the mini stepper pedals right to the bottom before starting the opposite motion.

Additionally, some users prefer using them standing up while others prefer using the mini stepper sitting down.

With this in mind, we have to begin by making an assumption. 

That assumption is that the step depth is 17 inches. This of course is not always going to be the case, but this is the average height of a step, so it gives us a good starting point to create a realistic estimation.

steps in a mile on a mini stepper

Next you need to take the step count reading from the mini stepper machine after your workout, and multiply this number by 17. 

This is going to give you the approximate number of inches you have walked

From here, we need to put a mile into the same measurement we are working in, in short, we need to convert a mile into inches.

There are 5280 feet in a mile, and 12 inches in a foot. So if we multiply 5280 x 12, we now know how many inches are in a mile. 

5280 x 12 = 63,360 inches in 1 mile. 

From this simple calculation, we can now work out approximately how many steps we need to walk to reach one mile. 

We simple need to divide the inches in a mile (63,360) by the inches in an average step height (17).

63,360 / 17 = 3727.05 steps.

calculating steps in a mile on a mini stepper

Does a Mini Stepper Count as Steps?

Yes! A mini stepper does count as steps because the action simulates walking. Most mini steppers will log the amount of steps you have performed, but if not you can buy a smart watch to track these. Counting steps is simply a calculation of physical activity so it doesn’t matter whether you are going for a walk or staying in place on a mini stepper – they all count the same.


To walk one mile (assuming an average step height of 17 inches) on a mini stepper machine, you would need to walk just over 3727 steps. 

This will vary hugely between mini stepper brands however, with some machines boasting you can walk a mile in just 2500 steps due to step height.

So it’s worth measuring the height of your own mini stepper machine from pedal (when elevated) to base, and replacing the “17” in the equation below to get a more personalised result 

Equation for Calculating Mini Stepper Steps in a Mile.

Inches in a mile (63,360) / Step Height (17) = Number of Steps Required To Walk One Mile. 

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