Best Clothing for People Who Exercise

Exercise is essential for your health. It can also help to improve your confidence. You should wear the best clothing to make the best of your workout. In this article, we will discuss how athletic-shaped males should dress.                 

How Athletes Should Dress In A Casual Setting 

If you’re an athlete, you should identify your body shape to know the best clothing for you. The following are the male body types, from muscular to slim guys. 

Inverted Triangle (Muscular)

If you have an inverted triangle physique, you should balance your muscular upper body with your lower body. You have an athletic build with well-developed shoulders and chest. Generally, your upper body half is wider than its lower half. 

You should wear close-fitting clothes like muscle fit shirts. Our favourite can be found here:

These kinds of shirts help decrease visual clutter and show the sharp, clean lines of your torso. It is also a good idea to wear slim-fit shirts, but don’t forget to size up. Look for slim-fit jackets which follow your silhouette’s natural line and are tapered at your waist. 

You can wear straight-leg jeans and trousers. Choose camo shorts, patterned pants, or checked trousers to distract from your broad upper body. 

Triangle (The ‘Dad Bod’)

With this body type, you should broaden your shoulders and emphasize your upper body. You can wear narrow athletic cuts and jackets with shoulder padding. It can make the top half body more weighted, giving you more balanced proportions. 

Light-coloured jackets and shirts can add width to your shoulder. In buying a shirt, choose a standard straight-point collar with a medium spread. Pants and jeans cut with slight flare can balance your larger thighs. It is best to choose black and other dark colours to look slimmer. 

Rectangle (Slim)

With a rectangular body shape, you can create an illusion of broader shoulders and a slimmer waist. You have a slender or slight frame since the shoulders have a similar width to your hips and waist. With this body type, you can wear horizontal stripes across your upper torso adding width to your frame. 

You can go for layering like a cardigan over a dress shirt for adding shape to your upper half body. It is also good wearing wide lapels and collar shirts to create an illusion of broader shoulders. To make a wider chest look, go for roll-neck sweaters. Wear blazers or jackets with shoulder pads for an illusion of broader shoulders. 

Trapezoid (The Healthy Regular Guy)

You can choose clothing that fits well and avoid being lost in the crowd. With a trapezoid body shape, you have a well-developed chest and broad shoulders. You have narrower hips and waist, but they are not disproportionate. It is the most desirable shape of the body for men. 

Go for vertical stripes to look a little taller. Plaids and checks can provide horizontal bulk. A suit jacket or blazer can taper your waist, so your shoulders look broader and your stomach slimmer. Wear it buttoned with a single button at the waist for the best results. 

You can wear light-coloured shirts with dark-coloured trousers. It can proportionate your legs to your upper body. 

Oval (The Big Guy)

Slim down and stretch out your silhouette as you build up your shoulders. The body type has a wider torso than your hips and shoulders. You have a fuller face, rounded stomach, and short neck. You have slimmer legs than your upper half. 

Pinstripes and vertical stripes can lengthen your body. Shirts, trousers, or sweaters with similar colors can make a slimming effect. You should avoid wearing contrasting colours since it will give attention to your large stomach. Instead, go for dark colours, charcoal or navy, for a slimmer look. A T-shirt or V-neck sweater with long sleeves can give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. 


For people who exercise, it is essential to know your body type. With this, you can wear the best clothing that suits you best. Whether exercising, in a bar, or office, there is specific clothing that can make you feel and look good. If you’re an athletic man who struggles with normal clothing, you can go to a sewing shop for customized clothes. 

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