How Long is ProForm Elliptical When Folded?

You’re thinking of purchasing an exercise machine, and have found yourself asking the question ‘How long is a Proform Elliptical when folded?’

This is an extremely valid question if you’re tight on space, obviously Proform make a number of different models of elliptical trainer, and if you’re potentially considering purchasing second hand, then that will open you up to even more choices of shape, size and function.

You should always check out the individual specs of an elliptical trainer before purchasing to ensure it is fit for requirements, however, In a nutshell, you can expect most of the smaller Proform machines to fold to an approximate size of 32 inches long, 27 inches wide and 60 inches high.

As you can appreciate having a machine which is only 32 inches long when folded is a huge benefit, it allows you to stand it against a wall, and clear space for use only when needed.

Some of the larger machines however do not fold at all, for example the new Endurance 720 E model or any of the hybrid models which incorporate a recumbent exercise bike.

Does a Proform Elliptical Fold Up?

The good news is yes, the vast majority of Proform Ellipticals fold up, and many also include the easy transport wheels to move the machine around when in folded position. Make sure you keep these wheels lubricated for flexible transport.

This is great news if you are limited in terms of space.  Of course, you will want to check individual specifications before purchasing considering the number of models of elliptical trainer Proform manufacture, but chances are if a folding machine is high on your list of must haves you will come across a model that is suitable for your needs very easily. 

A lot of the larger models or hybrid models of Proform Elliptical do not have a folding function, so if this is something you definitely want you should try and stick to the smaller standard models. The good news is there are lots of these available both new and used.

folding proform elliptical

How To Fold Proform Elliptical

Proform ellipticals are extremely easy to fold. If there is any resistance with the folding mechanism you can lubricate your elliptical. The process may vary from model to model but the vast majority use the Space Save function which involves simply pulling the handle which appears at the rear of the frame, and pull up the frame until you hear a click.

This means the frame has locked into the upward position.  Remember to also check your ceiling height before doing so.

Likewise, to unlock the Proform Elliptical trainer, hold the handle again, but before pulling the frame down, you will need to press the latch button which is located on the exposed underneath of the frame when folded. 

Once you have pressed this the lock will be released allowing you to pull the machine back down to the usable position. 


Whilst the majority of smaller Proform Elliptical Trainers fold, some of the larger and hybrid models do not, so if this is something that is a requirement for you, be sure to check individual specifications before purchase. If you already own the elliptical, check your version number.

The machines that do fold have a very simple mechanism to do so named Space Saver. This is a game changer if you have limited space available in your home.

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