Where is ProForm Manufactured? – A Complete Guide to the Global Fitness Brand

ProForm proudly bill themselves as the world-leading producer of home fitness equipment. If you’ve had a look into kitting out your own living space with treadmills, ellipticals, or rowing machines in recent years, chances are you’ll have encountered this international brand already.

ProForm products are owned and produced by the ICON Health & Fitness Group. ICON, an American company, have their established headquarters in Logan, Utah.

However, ProForm products are manufactured, shipped, and sold at various locations throughout the world. Most of the company’s material production and model assembly take place in China. 

The company’s target market are home gym users looking to purchase high quality, reliable, but still affordable exercise machines for their personal fitness goals.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at this leading figure in the exercise market, as well as ProForm’s history, its brand profile, and other information about its base and areas of operation. 

Who owns ProForm Fitness?

ProForm Fitness is a brand of home fitness equipment owned by ICON Health & Fitness. This international sports company, headquartered in Logan, Utah, boasts a broad fitness portfolio spanning a range of health, gym, and personal exercise products. 

Other popular ICON brands include NordicTrack fitness equipment, frequently seen as a direct competitor of ProForm. ProForm also own Freemotion and the popular interactive workout platform iFit, providing virtual fitness sessions to users via a subscription based service. 

Proform - where is it manufactured?

What is the History of ProForm? 

As with many international brands, the history of ProForm is one of mergers, takeovers and various product developments spanning several decades.

Today, the brand has established itself as one of the most reliable manufacturers of cross trainers, rowing machines, treadmills, and other home gym equipment. 

The company today paint themselves as having been founded in 1977 by Scott Waterson and Gary Stevenson. Looking to support themselves financially whilst majoring in business at Utah State University, the pair set up Weslo Inc and began by importing tableware, kitchen equipment, and marble products from the Far East.

They then briefly made a name in free-standing wood burning stoves, under the brand Fire King Inc. 

However, towards the beginning of the 1980s, Weslo Inc. started to focus its energies on the burgeoning home fitness market. Beginning with home exercise trampolines, they soon expanded into treadmill, rowing machine, and exercise bike production.

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The company appears to have caught the lucrative wave of the home fitness revolution that spanned the 1980s and 1990s, establishing themselves as frontrunners in an increasingly competitive home gym market.

In 1988, ProForm and Weslo were both acquired by a larger parent company, Weider Health & Fitness. At that point, Weider was a large manufacturer of sport nutrition products, as well as the USA’s largest publisher of health, fitness and lifestyle magazines.

In 1994, Weider Health & Fitness sold their ProForm and Weslo assets to Bain Capital, Inc of Boston, and the brand ICON Health & Fitness was established.

ICON continued to acquire and develop various other fitness products throughout the late 1990s. 

Today, ICON stands as one of the most successful international sporting brands and a leading manufacturer of home gym equipment.

They continue to be one of the most popular options when it comes to treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, steppers, and cross trainers. Within their portfolio, ProForm products are often marketed as providing high quality, reliable, but still affordable options for serious home-gym enthusiasts. 

Where is ProForm located?

ProForm’s international headquarters are located at the ICON Health & Fitness headquarters in Logan, Utah.

They are identified as an American company with operations throughout the globe. ProForms primary international markets are in the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe. 

Who makes ProForm equipment? 

ProForm equipment is designed and manufactured by ICON Health & Fitness. This international sports company also owns the popular home fitness brands NordicTrack and iFit. 

The makers of ProForm pride themselves on innovation and research, claiming to be at the cutting-edge of home gym technology and development. Boasting folding and bluetooth features on most models.

ICON Health & Fitness Group are the proud holders of 223 issued patents, with 107 patents reported as being pending. 

Are ProForm treadmills made in the USA?

ICON Health & Fitness, the owners and makers of ProForm equipment, advertise themselves as having research and development, sales facilities, and manufacturing sites located across the globe.

Though their headquarters are in Logan, Utah, they also name Canada, China and Europe as locations in which they also have operational presence. 

It is understood that the majority of manufacturing and assembly processes are carried out in China, where labour and materials are still cheaper than in the USA. 

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Companies that manufacture within the USA are often keen to advertise the fact, as it is seen as a popular factor for US consumers who are increasingly keen to purchase and source products from as close to home as possible.

ICON Health & Fitness do not advertise their products as being manufactured within the USA, indicating that they are most likely to manufacture their home gym equipment overseas. 

Does iFIT own ProForm?

iFIT is in fact a sister brand of ProForm, with both fitness products being owned and produced by ICON Health & Fitness.

iFIT is a suite of interactive fitness content that can be accessed via subscription across a range of mobile devices and fitness machines.

It continues to be a competitive rival to Peloton and other interactive workout platforms. 

For US customers, ICON Health & Fitness currently offer an attractive subscription package, where users can pay a monthly fee of $39, receive unlimited access to iFIT workouts, and also receive a piece of ProForm fitness equipment for free. 

After the 3-Year Contract period is over, the user gets to keep the fitness equipment.

ProForm models included as part of this subscription deal include the Carbon T10 treadmill, the Carbon E10 elliptical, StudioBike Pro, Carbon HIIT H7 Stepper, and the Pro R10 Rower. 

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