How To Move an Elliptical

An elliptical machine or cross trainer is a large, heavyweight, stationary piece of workout equipment. The best way to move an elliptical isn’t as straightforward as moving lighter pieces of gym equipment. But the question comes down to where are you moving it to?

If you are simply moving it across the room most cross trainers are built with transport wheels on the feet.

These allow you to simply tilt the machine and push it to your desired space. But this comes with a word of warning, you’re likely to scratch your hardwood floors in pushing or pulling your machine using the transport wheels.

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How to Move an Elliptical Machine

Put the furniture dolly next to your elliptical. Stand on one end and have someone assist you by standing at the opposite end of the machine.

Both at the same time lift the machine, lift with your legs to avoid injury. While airborne place it on the furniture dolly beside you.

But let’s dive into how to move an elliptical in more detail.

how to move an elliptical

How to Move Heavy Gym Equipment by Yourself

Firstly you need to size up your move and figure out what type of move you’ll be doing.

Do you want to wheel your elliptical across the room to another space? First and foremost, do not simply tilt the machine and push this because it will leave a firm groove across your floor, particularly if you have hardwood floors. 

Here’s a great video by expert movers moving an elliptical machine:

How to Move an Elliptical by Yourself

If you are looking to move the elliptical machine by yourself follow these steps:

To wheel the elliptical or cross trainer you will need some tools. As most ellipticals are large and awkward in shape you will need a furniture dolly which is a wooden platform on top of four wheels. You can tie down the wheels using cable ties.

Wrap the ties around the bottom of the frame where the legs of the machine and foot pedals meet. Firmly tying this down will stop the arms of the elliptical to swing backwards and forward while it’s being manoeuvred.

Once this is tied together you can then place the wooden furniture dolly underneath the elliptical. This is a two man job so make sure you get some help. While one person tilts the machine up the 2nd person can wheel the furniture dolly underneath in the centre, then it can be rolled where required.

how to move an elliptical by yourself

If there are any tight angles or sharp turns where there might be concerns about fitting it through a tight door. Simply wrap the machine in blankets to protect your doors or walls from being scratched by the plastic.

How to Transport an Elliptical

If you’re moving this up and down stairs you won’t be able to wheel this on the furniture dolly. If you are carrying my hand the heavier end is where the flywheel sits – at the end of the machine. So whoever is carrying this end will need to be prepared for that! If you have a magnetic and not flywheel elliptical then the weight is much more evenly distributed.

When transporting the elliptical make sure the arms and pedals are wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid any damage in the van. Also keep the console tightly bubble wrapped, or you can remove this with a screwdriver.

Taking the Elliptical Apart

Sometimes if the size of the elliptical is just too large to be moved by the method above then you will need to dismantle parts of it. 

If you don’t want to hire someone to do this then read our full guide on how to disassemble your elliptical

A brief overview is to take the handlebars and pedals apart from the main base of the elliptical. This can be done using a wrench and screwdriver. Safely store away all loose screws, nuts and bolts in a clear plastic bag so you can easily reattach once moved. 

Once the heavy parts are detached it will be light enough to move on your own, the shape is also much less awkward to carry. Especially if you are putting your cross trainer upstairs. Again use moving blankets over it for tight spaces to protect both your walls and machine from damage.

transporting elliptical

Other Tips for Moving your Elliptical 

Keep the Elliptical Clean

Before your move, fully sanitize and clean the machine. If you’re considering moving your elliptical with other household goods like bedding the last thing you want is for germs to spread onto your bedsheets. When you sanitize your elliptical it will remove all bacteria and sweat from it.

person moving elliptical on their own

Wipe your elliptical down with an all purpose cleaner or a natural spray solution and paper towel. If you dont have an all purpose cleaner at home you can create your own antibacterial spray using a mixture of water and white vinegar.

Mix 50/50 in a spray bottle and clean away! Thoroughly wipe the surface of the elliptical, handrails and foot pedals. Don’t forget to wipe down the console too. Pay extra care to the handrails as this is where most of the sweat will gather while you workout.

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