How to Reset a NordicTrack Elliptical

NordicTrack is a popular retailer of cardiovascular, exercise equipment. They specialise in Ellipticals, exercise bikes and treadmills.

Their ellipticals in particular boast stand out features such as incline power ramps, space saving designs, adjustable stride length and preset workouts with iFit compatibility. If you haven’t yet purchased your machine and are shopping around check out our comparison on the Best NordicTrack Ellipticals.

Although you hope nothing can go wrong,  with such high tech features there are some instances where you might need to reset your NordicTrack Elliptical. There are several reasons why you may need to do this.

But how do you reset your NordicTrack Elliptical? To reset your NordicTrack elliptical press “program select” or “start” button three times. This will reset he console to normal operation. The type of button depends on your particular model – refer to your manual or serial decal for your model.

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Incline ramp has stopped functioning

To increase the difficulty of each workout you can increase the incline ramp, sometimes this functionality might stop working properly. In this instance it will require a reset.

How to Reset

To initiate the recalibration process you need to use a button combination on the console. The button combination can vary between different models of the NordicTrack elliptical so you can consult your owners manual to locate your model and serial number.

But here is the most common combination between NordicTrack ellipticals:

  1. If your elliptical has a start button, hold down the start button and the heart rate increase button at the same time for five seconds. If your machine doesnt have a start button disregard any numbers that may show on the display.
  2. Hold down the resistance “1” and “program select” button together for five seconds. 
  3. Press start or program select button (depending on your machine)
  4. Press the 30 degree ramp button. If this is done correctly the ramp will start to move up and down which is a sign that the ramp is recalibrating.
  5. Press the program select or start button down three times which will activate the NordicTrack console reset to regular operation.
  6. Use your machine as normal

iFit Factory Reset – iFit not working on NordicTrack

Enabling iFit on your NordicTrack elliptical provides the user with an immersive workout experience. But such sophisticated software requires care and maintenance, sometimes this can freeze or the WiFi connection is poor after you reset your router, therefore a NordicTrack factory reset is the solution and we’re here to help if this is the case!

Unfortunately iFit has Stopped – Help!

In the unfortunate scenario of your iFit stopping simply follow our step by step guide below. We show how to perform a factory reset on your NordicTrack elliptical, this factory reset will restart iFit capabilities and get you back to benefiting from the software.

It’s important to note that the NordicTrack factory reset method only works on the latest NordicTrack consoles. If you are unsure if you have the latest model, you can simply check if your machine has a HDMI or USB port, if so it’s not compatible for a factory reset.

Alternatively you can check your settings and verify the version of the firmware. Any version that begins with a 7.1 will be eligible to NordicTrackfactory reset.

resetting a nordictrack elliptical

How to Perform a Factory Reset on Nordictrack Elliptical – iFit Connection Problems

  1. Make sure WiFi is turned on and you have a thin metal pin to press the NordicTrack reset button, a paperclip will do the job.
  2. Turn off the power to your elliptical by unplugging the machine at the elliptical plug location and turning the power switch off. You can locate the power switch using your owners manual if you are struggling to find it.
  3. On the side or back of the console you will find the pinhole reset button. Once again if you are struggling to find this you can refer to your owners manual provided.
  4. Insert your paperclip inside the pinhole, press and hold down the button. As you hold the button down flip the power switch back on. It might require a second person to help you with this part. Keep holding the button down until the console screen lights up, then remove the paperclip from the pinhole.
  5. The iFit logo will appear with the following message in blue “system recovery: please wait…” don’t worry this is completely normal – this is the boot up screen. Note this process can take up to 30 minutes to fully onboard. If this message appears for longer than 30 minutes or does not appear at all, repeat steps 2, 3 and 4.
  6. If this has worked properly you will be prompted to connect to the WiFi, choose your time zone and your preferred unit of measure. Once connected your machine will auto-update to the latest software, note this can take a few minutes to update.
  7. Once your iFit logo screen has fully loaded you can then login to your iFit profile using your username and password and you can continue to use iFit as normal.

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NordicTrack Reset Button

A lot of people will look for a shortcut here and be trying to locate the reset button. Unfortunately there isn’t a NordicTrack reset button. Follow the steps above the reset your NordicTrack elliptical.

Where is the NordicTrack Reset Button?

Unfortunately on the NordicTrack Elliptical series there isn’t a rest button. You have to push a combination of buttons at the same time in order to rest the machine.

On some other NordicTrack fitness equipment there is a pin hole in the side of the console but on the elliptical this isn’t the case.

There you have it, the two most common ways to reset your NordicTrack elliptical. If you are having problems with either of the steps you can contact NordicTrack customer support or iFit customer support where they will be able to guide you step by step through the process.

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