Where is The Version Number For My NordicTrack Elliptical

Looking for your version (serial) number to register your nordictrack elliptical is easy. It can be found on the serial number decal of your nordictrack elliptical machine or it can also be found on the original box packaging.

To find the location of your serial number decal, check the front cover of the manual you received in the packaging from Nordictrack. If you haven’t yet made a purchase and are looking for the best NordicTrack ellipticals, check out our comparison article.

Here are some example locations of where you can find your serial number decal, note that each model is different so consult your owners manual first if you have one. If you no longer have the manual check the below examples:

Where is the serial number for my Nordictrack Elliptical

Nordictrack Serial number lookup location:

As you step onto the machine it will be in front of you on the lower-mid ranger part of upright

where is the serial number for my nordictrack elliptical decal

On the outside frame below the flywheel housing

where is the serial number for my nordictrack elliptical

Other locations you can find your serial number:

  • The serial number might be on the main bracket on the rear of the elliptical machine on a silver or white sticker.
  • On the main frame underneath the left pedal arm on a silver or white sticker

Below is an example of how this sticker looks

Nordictrack Version Number

Sample Nordictrack Serial Number Decal

Reasons to Find Your Serial Number:

Product Registration – Nordictrack Warranty Registration

All Nordictrack products carry a one year manufacturers warranty as standard. This covers parts, labour, frame and any motor problems you may experience. They also offer a free extension to the warranty by registering your product.

By registering your product with you can extend your product for 90 days, to sign up for NordicTrack warranty registration simply find your serial number as mentioned above and follow the instructions here. Make sure to do this within 28 days of purchase otherwise it is no longer valid. 

Registering your product online is easy but they also allow you to post your warranty card if this is your preference. Check out the full details on warranty here.


Any repairs required it’s important to note your serial number. If you have issues such as your NordicTrack Elliptical not turning on, or you need to reset your NordicTrack elliptical, calling technical support will require your serial number so they can identify the particular model, age and product type.

This helps the technicians to provide instructions over the phone for any minor repairs or troubleshooting.

Customer Service

For any NordicTrack customer service queries one of the first questions the customer service advisor will ask is your serial number. This helps with troubleshooting or if you have general queries such as returns.

Warranty Claims

In the unfortunate event that you experience any difficulties with your NordicTrack elliptical you can make a claim on your warranty. Simply call the customer service team and make sure you have your serial number to hand as well as your model number and user manual.

Providing these ensures that the technical support can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently if possible or if the difficulty is beyond repair you can make your claim over the phone for machine replacement.

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Where do I find the model number on my Nordictrack Elliptical

So there you have it, finding your model or NordicTrack version number is easily locatable on your NordicTrack Elliptical serial number decal. If you are struggling to find your serial number decal and you no longer have your owners manual.

You can simply download a copy of the owners manual here. This links to ICON who are the manufacturer of a number of elliptical brands such as NordicTrack, Proform and Reebok.

To find your owners manual you still need to know your model number which you can find on NordicTracks website or your order confirmation email.

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