Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer Review

Is the Reebok Zr8 Elliptical Cross Trainer worth Your Money?

The ZR series from Reebok has delivered yet another workout machine to keep an eye on. Which justified a full Reebok Zr8 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review. This Cross Trainer could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The numerous levels of resistance and different exercise plans may appeal to people who enjoy pushing themselves. In terms of features and aesthetics, the Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer would not want to be the last one on the list.

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The Reebok ZR8 elliptical trainer forms part of the Reebok ‘ZR’ exercise equipment range.

Reebok demonstrated its strength in the home equipment sector with the earlier ‘Z’ series models, producing devices that were both customizable and affordable.

The device appears to be attractive and sturdy. A bright yellow accent and the Reebok emblem stand out against the glossy black.

You can notice right away why this model is so durable. Two wide pillars with plastic ends lie underneath.

Overall, this machine is larger than many low-cost elliptical cross trainers, though not as huge as those seen in commercial gyms.

It is 63cm in width, 144cm in length, and stands 169cm tall. With a weight of slightly over 50kg.

Reebok made a wise decision by keeping the stride distance on this machine at a level that is comfortable for most persons who are under 6 feet tall.


The numbers users need to watch, such as speed, calories, and time, are boldly displayed by a central black background that contrasts the yellow bars and light-colored writing against a dark blue outline background.

The console buttons allow you to operate functions that are both common and simple.

Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer Review

The console provides a considerable quantity of training alternatives for individuals looking for variety. The manual program is a goal program in which you can choose a time window, miles, or calories and then start exercising while personally managing the difficulty.

The goal settings start counting down to zero, and you should be notified when you’ve met your activity goal.

Most cross trainers don’t have more than 32 levels of resistance. If this is your first time using an elliptical, we recommend warming up carefully.

The Reebok ZR8 is also suited for various family members due to its adaptability. This elliptical was frequently purchased with a high-quality rubber surface.

This can help to stop the machine from moving, keeping things silent, and protecting your carpet at the same time.

12 Preset Workout Programs

The fact that there are 12 pre-programmed workout programs isn’t really noteworthy. However, one sales motivator that Reebok may have considered is the convenience of use and reducing uncertainty about which product to use.

Some folks choose to stick to their tried-and-true workout routines. One cross trainer may offer a large number of workout plans, which can be viewed as a bonus, but it can also leave users unsure of where to begin or improve next.

This may excite the attention of beginners who are considering purchasing a cross-trainer. Every one of these 12 programs may be utilized at several levels of difficulty, giving beginners a lot of versatility.

Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer Assembly Instructions

Some people have an intuitive understanding of how things work, while others do not. However, it did not appear to be a problem for most customers who had decided to purchase the Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer.

The Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer is ready to use right away as long as everything that needs to be adjusted and lubed is done. Also, the cross trainers’ elliptical bike hybrid feature is one of our customer favorites.


Adding to the excellent 32 levels of resistance, this is where the Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer spec shines. The flywheel on most treadmills is only 5 to 6 kg. The proper flywheel weight is an unspoken argument, and the Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer goes weighing in at 9 kg.

This provides a steady support system for the elliptical and assists the user with a more effective workout.


It is usually a good idea to use products that come with warranties. This guarantees the safety of our hard-earned cash.

The Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer comes with a two-year part and labor warranty.

Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer Review

Features of the Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer

The ZR8 is quiet when in operation, allowing you to listen to your playlist without being distracted by the sound of the flywheel spinning. When it comes to manufacturing first-class, minimal-noise machines, it appears like Reebok has mastered the basics.

When you turn on the power, you’re welcomed by a beautiful blue and green LCD display. The buttons are easily visible, and the feedback device is overall quite elegant.

The text is much smaller than on other machines, making it difficult to see without contact lenses or glasses.

The unit also includes dual grips that can be used for two different purposes. The hand sensors are situated on the fixed grips, for starters.

This enables the device to provide you with data on your heart rate and calories while you’re exercising or if you’re following a pre-set program.

The second application is to employ the fluid movement handles if you want a more intense upper/all-body workout. They’re comprised of a thick foam substance that feels great in your hands. In comparison, a more basic cross trainer or exercise bike uses a thinner, less durable grip that is simply awful.

The footplates are beautifully built, and when worn with proper trainers, we found them to be very pleasant to use with little spillage. The footplates can also be modified according to the length of your stride, which is a great feature to have and is simple and quick to do.

The sweat-resistant padding on the grips is both useful in decreasing sweat and pleasant to hold for long periods.

The No Manual Test – How Easy it is to Operate Without Instructions

The setup process is pretty simple and you do not have to read the manual to figure it out. Unlike simple LED feedback on a more basic cross trainer, the LCD screen provides you with all of the information you require.

The first step is to set up the program of alternating resistance, the display unit provides constant feedback whenever the resistance is changed.

The 15-inch stride length is one of the finest components. Unlike a regular budget cross trainer, you are able to exercise with a longer, deeper stride.

This gives you a gym-like experience when using the equipment, as well as a greater full-body workout.

Reebok Zr8 Elliptical Cross Trainer Problems

The ZR8 has a few small flaws, such as the lack of a built-in drink holder. We are not sure why Reebok did not include this fundamental feature, but it means you have to leave the elliptical to get a drink of water throughout your workout, which may lead to a less effective workout.

It is also an older model, so there aren’t any additional features like speakers or an MP3 option.


  • The stride length is 15 inches.
  • Good warranties (a lifetime frame warranty plus a two-year parts and labor warranty)
  • For flowing movement, a 9kg flywheel is used.
  • When in use, it is also very quiet.


  • The buttons for selecting options are small.
  • There is no bottle holder for drinks.
  • Reebok cross trainer is an older generation model than other cross-trainers.
  • Features found on the latest models are absent.

What Previous Buyers Said About the Reebok ZR8 Elliptical?

When it comes to building this machine with a manual there are two groups. When it came to the Reebok ZR8 cross trainer assembly instructions, some customers criticized everything.

Others claimed it was a simple matter of setting out all of the pieces.

The terms that appear most frequently are alternatives on the phrases ‘fab,’ ‘amazing,’ and ‘silent.’ This unit is generating a lot of excitement. If the assembly complaints were removed from the comments, the ratings would be excellent.

Squeaks were reported by some. Tautening the bolts every few weeks; use appears to be a decent remedy for this. Overall, there has been a lot of excellent comments, especially considering the cheaper mid-range pricing point.

Always be careful to read the most recent reviews before purchasing any workout equipment.

Is the Reebok ZR8 Elliptical Cross Trainer Right for You?

Reebok Cross Trainer Review

The reebok is a budget-friendly model that is about as good as it gets for the price you pay. It’s simple to use, offers a smooth workout, and feels good in all the right places. The added assurance of a two-year guarantee can encourage those on the borderline to make the move.

The expanding brand image of Reebok, combined with the low cost of this machine, has helped this model make many people’s shortlist.

Ellipticals provide a strong aerobic training session without the joint strain of other types of fitness equipment.

This vehicle has a professional appearance and some serious features. Gentle resistance, 12 preset routines, and customizable pedals ensure that it is suitable for the entire family.

The Reebok ZR8 Elliptical Cross Trainer may be right for you if you want to lose weight in a fluid, silent, and stylish manner.

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