How Much Headroom Do You Need for a Rebounder?

A rebounder trampoline is a great way of staying fit at home. After all, who doesn’t enjoy bouncing on a trampoline?

However, it’s worth making sure your workout room is the right size for a rebounder before you go out and buy one. If you’re looking for the best rebounders, check our comparison article.

So, let’s go over the important requirements for knowing whether your home is suitable for a rebounder trampoline.

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How Much Headroom Do You Need for a Rebounder Trampoline?

As a general rule, the amount of headroom you need is your height plus the height of the rebounder and a maximum of 10 inches for the height of your jump. There’s no set amount of headroom, therefore, as it’s mainly dependent on you.

A rebounder trampoline will use springs or bungee cords for elasticity. We won’t go into the specific differences here, as they’re not relevant, but it’s worth noting that springs offer less bounce than bungee cords.

While the model you choose will depend on your weight, a spring rebounder can be a better option if you don’t have high ceilings. The exercise from a rebounder comes from the downward push rather than the jump up, so jump height isn’t relevant from that perspective.

The 10-inch jump height given above is an absolute maximum. Most rebounders will only provide a few inches of bounce height, providing you’re using the correct technique. However, it’s best to overestimate the required jump height because it’s much better than hitting your head on the ceiling!

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How Much Height Do You Need for a Trampoline?

Perhaps the more important question is how much height do you need for a trampoline, as this is an easier way of working out which rooms are most suitable.

Again, it does largely depend on your height, but it’s simple enough to say that a ceiling height of 7ft. Or more will be fine for most people.

Of course, if you’re taller than 6ft., you’ll need a ceiling height of at least 8ft. An easier option might be to just use it outside if you can!

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How Tall are Rebounders?

It’s standard for rebounders to be between 10 and 13 inches tall. It’ll vary by brand, but this is the height for most popular brands. However, some rebounders come with shorter legs that you can swap out, which is useful if you have low ceilings.

The main problem with doing this, though, is that you might bottom out. Bottoming out is the term for hitting the floor as you bounce down, which obviously isn’t great. Not only does it void most of the exercise benefits but it could also cause an injury.

So, work on the assumption that 13 inches is the maximum height for a rebounder and, as long as you have tall enough ceilings, you should be fine.

How Tall are Rebounders?

Putting This All Together

Now that we have some more specific numbers, we can probably come up with an actual answer to the question of headroom. It’ll depend on your height still, but here are some examples to give you a better idea.

Example 1

Height: 6ft.

Rebounder height: 13 inches

Headroom: 10 inches

Ceiling height: 7ft. 11 inches minimum

Example 2

Height: 5ft. 4 inches

Rebounder: 10 inches

Headroom: 10 inches

Ceiling height: 7ft. minimum

Final Thoughts on Rebounder Headroom

Finding enough headroom for your rebounder can start getting a bit technical once you factor in rebounder type and your weight and height. However, it’s enough to say that a ceiling height of 8ft as a minimum will be ideal for most. Now all you need to do is find a suitable room for your rebounder exercises!

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