How to Change Batteries in Older Proform Elliptical

If you’re wondering how to change the batteries in older Proform Elliptical trainers you have come to the right place.

Proform are certainly one of the top brands in elliptical machines, but rather confusingly, some of their machines are mains powered through their power cord, whilst others are battery powered.

The lack of uniform approach can make it difficult to know exactly how to change the batteries especially in older units. So in this article, I want to cover exactly how to change batteries in a few of the Proform models.

The great news is all of the batteries are located in the console, so at least that part is uniform, there is slight variations we will cover from machine to machine.

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Proform Elliptical Battery

Proform 695E

The Proform 695E elliptical trainer requires 2 x AA batteries, which is great news as these are the most widely available batteries. The Alkaline Batteries here are generally recommended:

Duracell Coppertop AA Batteries with Power Boost Ingredients, 8 Count Pack Double A Battery with Long-lasting Power, Alkaline AA Battery for Household and Office Devices

This particular model comes with a battery clip, to gain access to the battery clip you will need to turn the console upside down and remove the screws. Once opened you will see the battery clip.

ProForm Elliptical Battery Replacement

Remove the plastic tie and replace the batteries and then place the plastic tie back in place before putting the unit back together. 

Proform Elliptical Stride 825

This machine requires two D batteries. 

Replacing the batteries on the Stride 825 is much simpler than the previous model we looked at, again you want to turn the console face down and locate the battery cover which is a half crescent shape on the right hand side of the console. 

Make sure you place the batteries as per the orientation stated on the battery cover. If you fail to do this the unit will not turn on. 

When replacing the battery cover, you will hear a clicking sound when it is secured in place. 

Proform 650 Cardio Cross Trainer

This machine requires 4 x 1.5V D batteries:

Energizer D Batteries, D Cell Battery Premium Alkaline, 8 Count

This unit has a battery ‘drawer’ as opposed to a compartment which is located at the bottom of the console for easy access whilst the console remains in place. 

There is a screw keeping the battery drawer secure. Once you have removed the screw, you should find that the drawer pulls out easily, allowing you to replace the batteries before pushing the draw back in place and replacing the screw. 

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Battery Replacement

To replace the batteries from a ProForm Hybrid trainer. Remove the screws and the battery cover from the back of the console. Then insert four x D batteries into the battery compartment. Make sure you put the batteries in as displayed on the instructions within the compartment.

Proform Battery Replacement Warnings

Where possible, Proform recommend using alkaline batteries in all of their models as these will give better performance and last longer.

Ensure batteries are installed in the orientation detailed on the battery cover or in the specific model manual, otherwise the unit will not power up. 

Ensure not to try and change batteries when the machine has recently been exposed to a cold temperature. Failing to do this can cause damage to the display. 

All battery compartments are located in the units console, however, if you are unsure how to change the batteries in your specific model, then you should refer to the manual that supports it. All of which are available online

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