Where Does the Power Cord Go on the ProForm Elliptical

So, you’ve made the commitment, you have gone and purchased a ProForm Elliptical Machine, with a view to reaching your health goals, however, you’ve set it all up, come to use it for the first time, and then realise you have no idea where the power cord goes?

In this article, I have broken down the power cord location for some of ProForm’s most popular elliptical trainers. If you are unsure on your Version number, check this article here

Where does the ProForm elliptical plug in?

225 CSE Proform Elliptical Trainer

The 225 CSE is the most inexpensive model of elliptical currently sold by Proform. It’s compact design makes it an attractive option for those with less space.

The reason you’re struggling to find a power cord location for this model, is because there isn’t one. The 225 is designed to be used with batteries and runs on 4 batteries for a wire free workout.

The battery compartment is located at the back of the console and simply clips off for easy access when you need to change them.

The good news is that the unit is fairly low on power consumption and so you should not need to change batteries that often.

525 CSE+ Proform Elliptical Trainer

Another compact design with a mid range price, this trainer is a great option for anyone who wants a next level workout at home.

ProForm 9V Power Adapter

The Proform 525 CSE + is supplied with a 9v power cord, and the location of the receptacle is located at the back of the frame close to the bottom of the unit.

proform elliptical plug location

Endurance 720 E Proform Elliptical Trainer

A high end professional level elliptical trainer from Proform

The power cord receptacle and the power switch are both located in the same location as the 525 CSE + model. At the rear of the machine on the base of the frame. 

Hybrid Trainer XT

The Proform hybrid trainer XT is a multi function machine, ideal for those wanting more functionality from their machine, combining a recumbent bike and elliptical trainer.

This machine can run on batteries for a wire free workout, and the batteries are simply placed into the back of the console. However, if you prefer a power cord, one of the nicest things about this model is that you have the choice. 

Inside the battery compartment there Is a receptacle for a power cord, however, the manufacturer urge caution and suggest only using a power cord supplied by them to ensure correct voltage for the unit.

Proform HIIT L6

For a gym level workout the HIIT machines may be more appealing.

They are not as compact as the other models, but boast a whole host of other features including Pelaton style trainer led workouts. 

The HIIT L6 comes with a power cord which plus into the rear base of the frame as with the lower end models supplied with a power cord.


Proform have been pretty consistent in that if your elliptical machine has a power cord, it is located at the rear of the frame base. It is useful to locate for when you may need to reset your Proform elliptical.

However, it is useful to note not all of their models are supplied with a power cord.

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