How Many Strides in a Mile on a NordicTrack Elliptical

The Best NordicTrack ellipticals are top of the range. Their features are extensive in comparison to a number of other elliptical brands.

One of which is their display, which often shows the distance and strides performed during your exercise session. 

Seeing such information during your workout helps motivate you to keep pushing further. Particularly if you can compare it to a distance we are familiar with like miles.

But how many strides in a mile on a Nordictrack elliptical? Some models do display this info on the console but if your machine doesn’t you can measure stride length in inches, convert this into feet and divide by 5,280 which is the amount of feet in a mile.

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But let’s look at some more considerations on how many strides in a mile on a NordicTrack Elliptical.

How many Strides Equal a Mile on a NordicTrack Elliptical?

Before You Start

Every machine and model is different in the NordicTrack range. Which means that some are calibrated differently depending on the size. This may result in the distance being slightly inaccurate.

With this in mind the best way to calculate how many strides in a mile is to measure the wheel circumference or the stride length.

Strides to miles calculator

Calculating strides to miles we have three different methods for you, 2 of which are easy and one that is hard. Lets look at all 3 in more detail starting with stride length

NordicTrack Elliptical Stride Length

Some NordicTrack Ellipticals are built with adjustable stride lengths, while other models have fixed lengths. To measure stride length, measure in inches from the position farthest to the back position of the pedal to the front of furthest forward position.

Once you have your measurement convert this into feet and divide by 5,280 which is the amount of feet in a mile. The result is the amount of strides in a mile on a NordicTrack Elliptical.

Strides to miles calculator

Wheel Size (Hard Method)

This method is fairly complex by may be preferable to some who cant quite get the stride length right.

To measure the size of the wheel you need to measure the radius. For enclosed wheels measure from the centre to inside the edge of the plastic housing. To determine the diameter multiply the radius by 2.

Next we need to determine the circumference of the wheel. Which is to multiply the diameter by pi (3.14). For example, if the radius of the wheel is 10, the diameter will be 20 and the circumference will be 62.831 (20 x 3.14).

Next convert your circumference measurement from inches to feet, to do this simply divide it by 12. In this example it would be 5.23 (62.831 / 12). 

This is the distance travelled per revolution. A revolution refers to the number of turns a wheel makes as you pedal. Next you need to calculate the number of revolutions it takes to travel a mile.

You can do this by dividing the amount of feet in a mile to the amount of feet travelled per revolution. In our example it would be 1008.4 (5280 / 5.23).

It would take approximately 1008 revolutions to travel a mile on a NordicTrack Elliptical. A revolution is equal to two strides. 

nordictrack elliptical stride length to see how many strides in a mile

Display Monitor (Easiest Method)

Luckily for some the display monitor on the NordicTrack elliptical will display the number of miles travelled during your session. If it shows the distance travelled you can adjust the settings to change the display from km to miles.

If the elliptical does not show distance travelled, it may display revolutions performed which you can then convert to miles using the calculation provided above.

Here is an informative video on how many revolutions in a mile on a NordicTrack Elliptical


The above calculations are how you can work out how many strides in a mile on a NordicTrack elliptical. The majority of models already display this, or they will display how many revolutions/strides have been performed.

From this it will save you measuring and you can simply apply the calculations provided.

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