Which is Better, NordicTrack or Bowflex?

Are you trying to choose between the NordicTrack vs. Bowflex? Wondering which is the best machine for your home? NordicTrack and Bowflex are two of the most popular elliptical-type devices.  

Check out our article on the best NordicTrack cross trainer. The two brands offer unique features, but the question is, which is the better exercise equipment among the two?

This article will give you a rundown of the main differences between the two to help you find the right option for you. At similar price points, both brands are worth consider investing in as all products are top of the line.

NordicTrack Vs Bowflex


Let’s first talk about NordicTrack. What is NordicTrack?  The NordicTrack is an American company that manufactures a whole host of fitness equipment like treadmills, elliptical, exercise bikes, strength training equipment, and accessories. Check out our article on is NordicTrack a good brand for more information on NordicTrack.

See NordicTrack website here


Bowflex is a brand name of fitness equipment marketed and sold by a company called Nautilus incorporated. The brand is based in Vancouver, Washington. Nautilus INC sells its fitness products through direct and international channels.

Bowflex produces a wide range of fitness products range from cardio machines, home gyms, fitness accessories, ellipticals, and much more. The brand was first introduced in the year 1986 in the United States, and its own by Nautilus INC.

The previous name of the brand was actually Bowflex of America and was recently changed to Bowflex.

See Bowflex website here

Check out this great comparison video comparing the max and free strider

How to Determine Which is Better among the Two Brands? Lets look at both of their flagship products, the ellipticals.

NordicTrack vs BowFlex Elliptical

We all know how necessary regular exercise is for maintaining our health and ideal body weight, but buying the right brand that could fit your needs and in your home can be difficult. Let’s compare their specific products to see which comes out on top. 

An elliptical trainer can range in price from £250 to £5000. Of course, It all depends on the brand and features included. NordicTrack and Bowflex each one has a range of starters to a commercial-grade elliptical trainer that’s budget-friendly. Each brand offer their own unique designs for their elliptical trainers.

NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer Series Ellipticals Review

NordicTrack vs bowflex cross trainer

NordicTrack’s Freestride Trainer series is a modern elliptical that offers a 3 in 1 design. You can experience an elliptical, stair-stepper, and treadmill. 


Adjustable Stride – The Freestride Trainer stride can be adjusted up to 38 inches. It allows the user to adjust their motion according to their  needs

• 3 in 1 Package – The FreeStride Trainer is also a 3 in 1 machine proving a slightly different exercise motion than a standard elliptical trainer. The stride can be adjusted to short stride, mid-range stride, and long-range stride. It’s like having combined 3 ellipticals in one. 

Takes up less Space – FreeStrider is a center drive machine and typically need less space. Center dive machines are more balanced and have more strong and steady base support. 

• Several models available – The Freestrider is available in several models, including FS7i, FS10i, and FS14i. These NordicTrack elliptical models look more modern and have a sophisticated console display. They are typically heavier because of the added features, and the price is reasonable, ranging from £1000 to £2000.


• Expensive – the model starts at £1000 which is not going to be of interest to someone looking to invest in their first elliptical.

• Can’t be placed near a wall or corner – The forward legs tends to swing forward while you’re using it. It’s not fit to be placed near walls or corners because it might get damaged. Make sure you have a little room in front of the machine to achieve its full range motion.

See their freestride series exclusively on their website here.

NordicTrack Front Drive Ellipticals commercial 9.9

The NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 Elliptical is a lower spec compared to the other models produced by NordicTrack. It’s good for entry to mid-level users, and their weight is lighter compared to other models.

The console also has been redesigned to be much more streamlined. Front-drive ellipticals are less expensive. This model can be bought for £1299. Also, they are more compact and more inclined possibilities. 

NordicTrack Front Drive Ellipticals commercial 9.9


• Adjustable Side – this specific model can adjust its stride up to 20 to 22 inches, power-adjustable

• Lightweight- commercial 9.9 flywheel only weighs 25-pounds 

• The heart rate monitor that’s grip-mounted is ideal for continues monitoring the user’s heart rate

• This specific model has moving arm bars

• Commercial 9.9 is Bluetooth capable 

• Has a USB port for charging

• It has an in-built cooling fan

• control for incline and resistance can be automatically adjusted

• One-touch control for incline or decline and resistance better for switching to manual modes

• Has cushioned and oversized pedals


• It has a lighter flywheel compared to other models

• The built-in workouts accessibility is now unavailable.

NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 Smart Elliptical with 7” HD Touchscreen and 30-Day iFIT Family Membership
  • 30-Day iFIT Family Membership Included; Stream live & on-demand workouts on your equipment with Global Workouts & Studio Classes; Add up to 5 users; Elite trainers adjust your equipment (39 dollars value)
  • Immersive 7-inch interactive HD touchscreen streams live & on-demand iFIT workouts directly to your equipment; SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance for near-silent home exercise
  • 22 Digital Levels of Resistance; Automatic Trainer Control allows your iFIT Trainer to auto-adjust your resistance in real-time; Enjoy hands-free exercise that matches global terrain in your home

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Bowflex Front Drive Ellipticals BXE116

This specific front-drive model is a powerful elliptical machine with a long stride. BXE116 supports smooth exercise because it has cushioned pedals and have a 30-pound resistance system. You can buy this at £1,499.


• The machine has a smooth resistance system 

• The machine has 20 resistance settings

• BXE116 has 22 inches’ elliptical stride path

• Have multi-grip handlebars 

• Pedal incline settings up to 10 percent

• built-in workout apps 

• Have to speed and resistance controls

• Wireless heart rate monitoring

• Bluetooth Capability

• Weight Capacity limit of 375 pound


• Stride is fixed not adjustable; too long for shorter trainees

Bowflex Front Drive Ellipticals BXE116
  • 9 Pre-Programmed Workouts
  • 25 Resistance Levels
  • High speed, high inertia drive system with a perimeter weighted flywheel for easy start up and smooth, consistent workouts

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Bowflex Max Trainer

The Bowflex M5 is stunning, and on top of that, the price is low compared to higher rating ellipticals sold on the market. This Bowflex elliptical is compact, but a powerful machine. 


• Great Design

• Fast calorie burning

• 8 built-in workout programs

• Includes 8-week subscription to access workout programs

• Have 16 resistance levels 

• Doesn’t take up much room

• Smooth workout resistance 

• Has a Media shelf and cup holder


• Warranty only last for 2 years 

• Doesn’t have iPod connection or speakers included

Best Price Here

Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Cardio Machine
  • 16 Resistance Levels
  • 8 Workout Programs
  • Backlit Display

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Bowflex or NordicTrack – Final Verdict

These two brands are giants in the exercise equipment industry. They are both popular because they produce top of the line exercise equipment.

Bowflex products are generally lighter than NordicTrack. Bowflex also provides extended full coverage of warranty of their fitness equipment, which makes it great.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more variety budget-friendly equipment, the NordicTrack elliptical price wins.

Bowflex products offer generous extended coverage warranties on their ellipticals, which give you peace of mind. Bowflex typically offer a 15-year frame and motor warranties on some of their machines. 

Both brands have a lot to offer, arguably the Bowflex products are slightly more heavy duty and come with more extended warranties. NordicTrack ellipticals suit those with a lower budget but have a wider variety than Bowflex at a more affordable price. NordicTrack elliptical reviews are generally good from customers, the only issues tend to be customer service problems.

For me, when choosing Bowflex or NordicTrack, Bowflex edge it with their machine durability and warranty offer.

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