How Much Does a NordicTrack Elliptical Weigh?

NordicTrack ellipticals are amongst the most popular on the market today. Before choosing the best NordicTrack elliptical you might be considering the different features and whether it will fit nicely in your home.

Before making a decision to buy you will likely be wondering how much does a NordicTrack elliptical weigh? This depends on the model you choose but they vary between 54kg (119lbs) and 133kg (293lbs).

In this article we break down the weight of each NordicTrack Elliptical models in their current 2021 series so you can make a buying decision which is most suitable. 

This is my favourite lightweight NordicTrack elliptical:

NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i
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Let’s look at each NordicTrack elliptical weight by model

NordicTrack Elliptical Weight

Front drive series:

Commercial 9.9:

This model is the larger of the Front drive ellipticals weighing 110kg or 242lbs. Product Dimensions are as follows: (LxWxH): 173 x 74 x 174 cm.

How much does NordicTrack 14.9 weigh?

Commercial 14.9

The commercial 14.9 is slightly lighter than the 9.9 weighing 95kg or 209lbs. Dimensions are (LxWxH) 178 x 73 x 177 cm.

Commercial 14.9

Rear drive:


In comparison to the front drive models. This rear drive elliptical weighs almost half at 54kg or 119lbs with dimensions of 152cm x 63cm (59.8” x 24.8”).

How much does the NordicTrack SE7i weigh?

NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i

Substantially heavier than the SE3i, the SE7i weighs 97kg or 215lbs. Offering two different dimensions. Because you can fold this elliptical.  Assembled Dimensions – 203L x 81W x 180H cm and folded dimensions – 58L x 80W x 193H cm.

How much does the NordicTrack SE7i weigh?

C 5.5

The C 5.5 is considered a mid range weight at 79kg or 174lbs with dimensions of 169L x 63W x 169H cm.

C 7.5

Slightly heavier comes the c 7.5 with a product weight of 86kg. Dimensions of this elliptical are 169L x 63W x 176H cm.



The Freestride series weighs the heaviest of all the ellipticals in NordicTracks range. The FS7i weighs 109kg or 240lbs with assembled dimensions of 148L x 75W x 188H cm.


The heaviest in the Freestride series comes the FS10i weighing 133kg or 293lbs measuring at 150L x 76W x 188H cm once assembled.


Finally the FS14i weighs a more modest 130kg or 287 lbs with assembled dimensions – 150L x 76W x 188H cm.

NordicTrack elliptical weights

To summarise

Now you know NordicTrack elliptical weight by model. The freestride series is unsurprisingly the heaviest while the front drive remains the lightest in their elliptical range.

It’s important to use both the weight and dimensions when making a purchase decision to see if you have space at home for any of your favourite models. NordicTrack is a good brand you can trust so choose your elliptical wisely!

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