How To Reset Proform Elliptical

Proform elliptical trainers are one of the top choices when it comes to at home cardio machines. They are great value for money and have a fantastic range which means they have something to suit every individual.

However, one of the downsides is the functionality of the machines can vary greatly between models.

I have found a lot of people recently, having thrown the instructions away, finding that their new model does not function in the same way as their previous one, which leads them to Google looking for answers.

In this article, I am going to look at some of Proform’s most popular Elliptical trainers, and discuss how you can reset them.

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how to reset proform elliptical

When Should I Reset My Proform Elliptical Trainer?

It can be very frustrating when you are experiencing problems with your Proform Elliptical Trainer display, and whilst it can be tempting to simply call the manufacturer, the downside of this is they will often be a downtime between them taking your console and returning it when you won’t have use for your machine.

With this in mind, it is always worth trying a couple of at home techniques prior to calling Proform for a repair.

The first (as always) is to switch the machine off and on again. If you have a machine with a power supply, it would be worth unplugging all together and allowing the console to cool completely.

The equivalent of this on a battery operated trainer would be to remove the batteries for a time before restarting. 

If this fails than the next option would be to do a console reset.

reset profom elliptical

Another reason for wanting to reset your Proform Elliptical Trainer is if you have purchased it second hand and you want to restore default factory settings so you can begin programming the unit to your own preferences. 

Sometimes your ProForm elliptical may be difficult to pedal. This is typically caused by a resistance issue which can be resolved by resetting the console.

How Do I Reset My Proform?

Unfortunately, not all Proform Elliptical Trainer models have the option to reset to factory settings. Some of the lower budget models don’t use the latest technology on their consoles or allow iPad devices to pair with them.

They are simply driven by the activity on the machine, as opposed to later, more advanced units that include internet connection and instructor led workouts. 

The 225 CSE is the lower budget Proform Elliptical Trainer, however, still a very current piece of equipment in todays market. 

Most console issues on this particular model arise from low batteries, due to the fact that the 225 CSE runs solely on battery power. 

To reset this console simply replace the batteries and you should find that the majority of console issues are resolved. 

The Hybrid trainer XT also uses batteries so this would be the same process.

The Carbon E7 trainer requires two people to restore to factory settings. The instructions are detailed briefly below.

Person 1 – Switch power switch into the off position. This is located next to the power cord. Locate the small reset opening which will appear on the back or side of the console. Use an earring or end of a paperclip to press and hold the reset button.

Person 2 – While the reset button is being held by person 1, person 2 should switch the power button into the on position. The reset button should be held until the console turns on.

After completion, the console should turn off and on again, if it does not, switch the power switch into the off position one more time before turning on again.

The machine may take a few moments before being ready for use again.

If your machine has a reset function, you will find the small reset opening on the back or side of the console unit. 

reset proform elliptical console

Most other models of Proform Elliptical Trainer blame console issues on power supply problems. So if you are experiencing issues there suggestions are as follows:

  1. Try a replacement power supply
  2. Check your console has the latest firmware installed (you can find details on how to upgrade your firmware for your particular model on the Proform website)
  3. Contact Support.


Many models of Proform Elliptical Trainer do not have the option to ‘reset’ to factory settings. In these circumstances, you need to attempt to change the power supply, check the firmware of the console (if it is switching on) or contact Proform support team. 

If you are wanting to reset to simply erase user data, you can go into profile management and do this manually. 

If you do have a machine that has the reset opening on the back or side of the console, then you can go through the reset procedure listed in the last section of this article, however, please do be aware that this will cause the console to lose all saved data, so it can be worthwhile attempting to try another power supply as your first port of call. 

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