Do I Need a Bar on My Rebounder?

Rebounding can be just as fun as it looks, but if you’re looking to introduce a bit of bounce into your fitness routine you might be wondering whether you need to use a stability bar. Generally speaking, rebounders are designed to be used both with and without bars. It is usually safe and effective to rebound without the bar and many mini-trampolines ship without including a bar at all.

There are, however, certain circumstances under which you might find a bar helpful, including if you are recovering from injury or need general help with balance. 

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So how safe is it to use a rebounder without a bar? Will having a bar just get in the way? Today, we’ll be looking at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a bar with your rebounder, as well as when and why you might want to consider going hands free!

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Should I Use a Bar On My Rebounder?

Let’s start with a few circumstances in which you might want to consider using the bar.

The main purpose of a rebounder stability bar is to help you with balance. If you’re new to the equipment, you might find it gives you peace of mind to have the bar there, just until you’re a bit steadier on your feet! It can take a little bit of getting used to when you first start bouncing. 

Similarly, if you experience general mobility or balance issues, either as a result of age, injury, or a pre-existing condition, a stability bar may be a practical necessity for mini-trampoline sessions. 

If you are on a tailored rehabilitation programme, you may find that a stability bar is useful for some of the exercises. Similarly, there are certain stretches, pull-ups, and other additions to your workout that can be performed using the rebounder bar. As long as you have a sturdy and reliable model, it can open up possibilities for different types of exercise. 

Do I Need a Bar on My Rebounder?

Can I Use a Rebounder Without a Bar?

As long as you feel safe and comfortable doing so, you can use the rebounder without a stability bar in place. In fact, there are certain exercises and workout routines that benefit from being performed without a bar. 

High energy rebound classes at faster tempos often work best without a bar. Similarly, plyometric rebound routines involving slightly more complex moves, such as twists, turns, or aerobic movements, can best be performed hands free. 

This is mainly for two reasons. To begin with, using a rebounder bar can actually have an adverse effect on your posture. It can cause your body to rely less on a strong and stable core to keep you balanced, as well as potentially encouraging slouching. You may find that you do not get the same full body workout experience from your rebounder if you are partially reliant on a stabilising bar. Your muscles may not need to work as hard to keep you balanced!

Some have claimed that not having your arms free during rebounding ‘limits the lymphatic flow’ through the upper body. This seems scientifically questionable, as our circulatory systems do not stop running through our arms and legs just because our limbs are immobile. 

However, a rebounder bar can get in the way physically if we are performing energetic workouts with a range of motion. High knees, twists, and other modified forms of rebounding can all be hindered by a stability bar. It may be designed as an optional safety feature, but in some instances it might even pose a bit of a hazard!

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The Bottom Line

There’s no harm in getting a rebounder with an optional stability bar attachment. As long as you can remove and re-attach the bar easily, a model like this will give you the flexibility to use it or leave it aside as you see fit. For most people, having the bar will be unnecessary and many may find it a bit of a hindrance once they have gotten used to the rebounder. 

However, for rebounding folk just starting out, or for those concerned about their balance and stability, the bar can be a simple and safe way of building confidence and offering peace of mind!

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