What is a Rebounder Class?

Rebounding has been praised by many as a fun, energising, and exciting way to keep fit and tone up. Many people are turning to mini-trampolines to stay in shape from the comfort of their own living rooms. But did you know there are also rebounding classes out there for you to join?

But what is a rebounder class? A rebounder class is essentially a gym class you can take part in with the rebounder as the main piece of equipment. Classes come in many different shapes and sizes, with different ways of using the mini-trampoline to get the heart-rate going and flex those muscles. 

Just like boxing, weights, or spin classes, with rebounder classes you can turn up to the gym and have all the equipment there ready and waiting for you. You’ll also have an instructor guiding you through the moves and maybe showing you a few new ones! 

Alternatively, there are a wealth of online classes for you to try, if you already have the equipment and would prefer to exercise from home. 

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at what to expect from a rebounder class, as well as who might benefit from them. We’ll also be covering how you can find a class near you, or where you can go if you want to try online sessions before joining one in-person. 

What is a Rebounding Class?

Since rebounding has become such a popular way of keeping fit, you can now find gym classes across the world offering workouts on mini-trampolines. Many of these in-person classes will be group sessions, but there are also opportunities out there for you to have private, one-to-one instructors if you so wish.

Rebounder classes vary in style and intensity, with most good gyms offering a range of workouts for a range of fitness and experience levels. Some of the things you might expect to see are classes focusing on a range of movement, not just jumping up and down on the spot. Jumping jacks, twists, side-kicks, different running speeds and other aerobic movements might be incorporated to liven up your workout.

What is a Rebounder Class?

Some classes will also incorporate additional props, or use other exercises to focus on building strength in different ways. For example, a number of classes can use hand-weights to increase the intensity of the exercise, whilst others will incorporate crunches, push ups, or plank exercises, on or off the mini-trampoline, in order to work certain areas of the body. 

Other classes blend different forms of movement with traditional trampolining moves, such as yoga, boxing, or callisthenics. If you like to have a dance while working out, many will also boast motivational music to keep you going! 

There are a wealth of options out there, so our advice would be to check out your local gyms in order to see what might be on offer. Here’s a useful link to help you do just that! 

Who might benefit from a rebounding class?

Anyone and everyone can stand to benefit from a rebounding class, particularly if a group setting is going to encourage them to turn up, work up a sweat, and get the body moving! If you’re someone who finds motivation in numbers, then a rebounder class might be just what you need to kickstart your new fitness regime.

Similarly, if you’re returning to working out after a period away from the gym, you might feel more comfortable getting started under the experienced guidance of a professional instructor. If you’re unsure about balance or general injury issues, a rebounder class can give you the opportunity to ask questions and build your strength gradually in a safe, monitored environment.

You might be someone who is still on the fence about getting a rebounder for yourself. Maybe you want to try out the exercise before investing in the equipment for your home? If so, a group class could be a perfect introductory session for you. 

You might also live somewhere where having your own rebounder just isn’t that practical. Maybe you have a tiny apartment, or little ones that are unlikely to leave the mini-trampoline alone if it’s sitting in plain view? If this is the case, perhaps the gym can provide a better place to go bouncing! 

Finally, group classes are a great way to connect with and meet new people, whilst also keeping in shape. They can be a great boost to our emotional and mental wellbeing, not only through the physical exercise, but through the social bonding they promote. If you’re new to an area or want to make a few new friends, why not use the local rebounder class as a starting point? 

What does a rebounder do? 

A rebounder is a mini-trampoline specifically designed for adults to use as a piece of exercise equipment. By jumping up and down on the rebounder, you are able to exercise a wealth of muscles throughout your body, whilst simultaneously getting a cardio-workout and calorie burn

Rebounding has numerous advantages and benefits, not least of all the fact that its relatively low impact motion on the limbs can reduce the risk of injury. It is also shown to be an effective way of improving mood, boosting circulation, keeping the immune system healthy, and help your balance and coordination skills.

It’s also a fun and cost-effective way to unlock your inner child, whilst also working out and staying in shape! 

Rebounding classes online

If you’d like the guidance of a professional instructor wherever you go, why not give online rebounding classes a go? A number of reputable gyms and fitness companies offer a wealth of videos that can be accessed remotely, most of which operate under a subscription based service. 

Here are a few for you to consider.

Carve It Fitness

Billing themselves as New York’s premier, trampoline-based fitness studio, Carve It release new content weekly and offer a range of virtual classes to subscribers. They offer sessions that cater to all different fitness levels and have a range of approaches, including boxing, body sculpting, kickboxing and HIIT. 

Subscriptions start at $17.95 per month. 

Jump Sport Fitness TV

Jump Sport describe themselves as a dance-based, movement focused fitness group that design workouts for both on and off the trampoline. They have a huge catalogue of videos that are fun, lively, and accessible, all of which can be accessed via monthly subscription.

Starting at $9.99 per month. 

The Ness

A slightly pricier option compared to the previous two, the Ness offer innovative and interesting mini-trampoline based exercises that incorporate a range of modalities, including yoga and other wellness practices. Sessions range from anywhere between 10 and 45 minutes, allowing you to fit workouts into even tight schedules.

They release new content every Monday morning and already have a library of more than 300 videos, all of which is accessible through subscription. They also offer private classes for those wishing to commission them directly. 

Subscriptions start from $39.99 per month. A free 7-day trial is also available if you want to sample before buying. 


Finally, if you would rather try out online classes without paying a subscription fee, there are hundreds of free rebounder classes on YouTube that you can access. 

Try to go for popular, well reviewed creators with plenty of followers and authentic fitness credentials. Otherwise, opting for a reputable, subscription based service should help ensure you’re getting classes designed by people who know exactly what they’re doing.

Happy bouncing! 

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