How Do You Turn on a Mini Stepper?

A mini stepper is a compact piece of home workout equipment. Along with providing calorie-burning exercise, they’re generally fairly simple to use. For the best mini steppers check out our buyers guide.

But how do you turn on a mini stepper? To turn on a mini stepper you rotate the tension dial to release the pulley. You then place the return cable around the pulley and tighten it to the desired tension. This will turn the mini stepper on and ready to use.

Mini steppers don’t use power, so there’s no “turning on” as such. If your mini stepper has a power cable, it’ll only be for a digital screen or step counter. The actual device uses hydraulics and pulleys, so it’s completely manual.

Of course, the specific instructions for turning on your mini stepper might be different, but this is the usual process. Check your instruction manual if you haven’t already, as that’ll give you the specific information you need to set it up correctly.

How do you turn on a mini stepper

How Do You Start a Mini Stepper?

The steps to start and use a mini stepper are basically the same as those described above. However, let’s go over them in detail for clarity.

First, set the mini stepper up on a flat, stable surface. Give it a quick wobble to make sure it’s secure.

Some mini steppers allow you to change the step height by adjusting a dial on the front of the machine. It’s as simple as turning it to the right to make it higher and the left to make it lower. This is different from step tension, though, which will use a different dial.

Providing the return cable is properly set up, adjusting the tension involves turning the dial. This tightens or loosens the cable, giving you more or less resistance. Simply play around with it until you’ve got the best tension for your desired workout.

To get on, first make sure one step is in its lowest position. You can do this by pressing on it. It’s probably best to start on your strongest foot.

Then you place your foot on the step, putting all your weight onto it. Once you’ve done this, place your other foot on the other step. If you’re new to using a mini stepper, it might be worth supporting yourself while you do this.

Finally, you just need to place your weight on the raised step while gently releasing pressure on the bottom step. Continue this motion, and you’re using your mini stepper!

turning on mini stepper

Final Thoughts on Starting a Mini Stepper

As you can see, turning on and starting a mini stepper are pretty easy. They’re generally very simple devices, which is part of their appeal in the home workout world.

But if you’ve never used one before, the motion can feel strange and it’s worth practising proper technique. It won’t take long for you to get the hang of it, though, and then you’ll be stepping for days!

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