How to Adjust Tension on a Mini Stepper

The mini stepper is an ideal piece of home gym equipment that you can move with ease and conveniently. The best mini steppers are simple foot plates that mimic walking, which allow you to exercise by stepping on them against resistance.

But how do you adjust the tension on a mini stepper? To adjust the tension on the mini stepper you turn the tension knob clockwise, this is located on the frame or the built in console depending on your model. Adjusting the tension allows you to either increase or decrease the resistance or the stride length of the movement.

Let’s look at both methods.

Tension Knob on a Mini Stepper

The tension knob on a mini stepper machine is used to adjust the range of motion when exercising. You can turn the knob clockwise to increase the range of motion. Conversely, turn the knob anticlockwise to decrease the range of movements.

When you keep adjusting the tension knob, you understand the workout intensity. To create more resistance, a wide range of motion must exist. If the range of movement is narrower, the resistance generated is less.

You can use the knob to increase or reduce the distance that the pedals move upwards and downwards. Turn the knob anticlockwise to increase the distance. Lift the pedal upward, then turn the knob clockwise to decrease the distance of pedal motion.

A mini stepper’s tension knob is located between the two pedals. In other words, the knob is found on the central base of the mini stepper. You can still find the tension knob under or at the bottom of the stepper.

mini stepper tension knob

How to Adjust Tension on Mini Stepper

Do you know how to adjust the tension on your mini stepper as you exercise? If not, below is a step-by-step process on how to adjust the tension:

1 – Locate your mini stepper’s tension knob.

To find it, raise the two pedals to allow the return cable to become loose. The knob is at the center of the machine’s base.

2. Remove or release the pulley from the tension knob.

Turn the knob anticlockwise. The counterclockwise turning should be up to a half-turn.

3. Test the height and tension

You can step on the machine to test out its current height and tension. Step on it, up and down, for at least 30 seconds to get an idea of the present tension.

As you keep testing the mini stepper, make sure the return cable is placed around the pulley. Tighten the tension knob to your desired setting.

4. Make it looser if necessary

Once the right setting is achieved in step three, step off the stepper machine. Turn the knob counterclockwise to make it looser.

You can also turn the knob clockwise to increase its height and tension. The machine is now ready for use, you can turn the mini stepper on and start stepping!

Bear in mind that this is a general overview and for any specific requirements for your own machine, refer to the mini stepper instructions provided by the manufacturer. Some Mini Steppers control the tension electronically.

Just make sure that the batteries in the mini stepper are fully charged and powering the console to adjust the machine.

How to Adjust Tension on a Stamina Mini Stepper

On the Stamina mini stepper the resistance comes from the Shocks of the machine. Unfortunately there isn’t a method for adjusting the tension on the Stamina mini stepper.

To increase the intensity of your workout you can simply increase the speed in which you step. The Stamina mini stepper provides a fitness monitor which displays strides per minute. Use this reading and up the tempo to target a certain amount of steps per minute.

Benefits of Adjusting Tension

Adjusting the tension is beneficial to determining the intensity of the workout. It helps you to adjust through a wider range of motion that can create or yield either more or less resistance. The resistance depends on a wider or narrow range of motion.

Changing the resistance helps you to get a cardiovascular workout. This drill is ideal for lifting your body against gravity.

Start small for 15 to 20 minutes, on less resistance. Track your consistent steps all through the workout.

To improve your fitness level and burn more calories on the mini stepper, try to increase the resistance each day or week. You can alternate your workout days, giving not less than 12 minutes per session.

Adjusting the tension on a mini stepper is simple and can be done easily on all models. Remember to use the tension to increase the resistance and improve your performance.

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