How to Fold a Rebounder

Having a rebounder is one of the best choices you can make if you want to move your body, have fun, and stay healthy.  

When you buy a rebounder and jump on it, this action can boost your mood because your brain releases endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals. Since you also increase your oxygen circulation, rebounders help you boost your energy. 

However, if you don’t know how to fold your rebounder, it might get damaged. Thus, this article offers a guide to fold it and some extra information you should keep in mind. 

Before we dive into it, not all rebounders fold. But if your rebounder does then you can follow the general guidelines below.

How Do you Fold up a Portable trampoline?

If you have a rebounder or mini trampoline and want to make sure that it lasts a long time, learning how to fold and store it is essential. The following mini guide offers what you need to know about this: 

Pull the Trampoline Cover

You need to pull the trampoline cover from the rebounder first. It’s attached by its hinges, so by pulling it back, you expose them.  

Pull the trampoline’s fabric on both sides and always ensure that you’re taking it all off. The fabric is just attached with some elastic material, so this shouldn’t take long. 

How to Fold a Rebounder

Use the Rebounder’s Legs

Pull the legs over its pins and turn them towards the center. You have to repeat this with each leg, so check your rebounder to make sure you’re not missing any. 

Taking Care of the Hinges

Locate the hinges on the rebounder’s frame. Once you do this, you will need help from someone else to complete the following steps. 

Provided that you find a person to help you, pull the hinges down and have the person kneel on one side of them. 

You must kneel on the other side, making sure that you’re both keeping a similar distance to the rebounder’s frame.  

Pull the Spring

Press one of your hands to the floor to be stable, and with your other hand, pull the spring. Then, you can fold the rebounder in half and attach the spring to the frame. 

The spring should be correctly aligned with the rebounder’s frame. Otherwise, it will start moving. Therefore, to avoid this, you should check it and see if you did it right. 

If you don’t align the spring correctly, it can cause damage to the rebounder or to you or anyone else who gets near it. Therefore, checking everything when you’re folding your product is essential. 

Using the Rebounder Again

Keep your rebounder in a safe place, and you can use it again whenever you want. Now that you know how to fold it, the next time you do, it will be easier. 

How Do You Fold a Maximus Rebounder?

Folding a Maximus rebounder requires you to follow the same steps as folding any other one. The process is similar because the products are of a similar nature; hence, you can use the previous guide to do that! 

Where Should Rebounders Be Stored?

It depends on the rebounder you have. Generally speaking, once you fold them, you can store them anywhere, for example, on your bed, sofa, trunk, closet, and more.  

However, some rebounders are much bigger and they might not fit the usual storage places you have available. Thus, it all depends on the space you have and on the size of your rebounder. 


Rebounders are fantastic to get your body moving and make sure that you do some exercise from time to time. They can improve your blood circulation, make you release endorphins, stimulate your muscles, and even help you work on your motor skills. 

Even though jumping on rebounders has numerous health benefits, you need to make sure that you properly fold and store the one you own. Otherwise, you risk it suffering possibly irreparable damages. 

Now, you have a guide on how to fold your rebounder. Therefore, all you need to do is follow the steps, store your item next, and whenever you want to use it again, just take it out!

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