How Do You Reset a Mini Stepper?

The best mini steppers are ideal for beginners and experts because it’s quite an intuitive piece of equipment. After all, it works on manual hydraulics, so there’s very little to learn.

That said, things can sometimes go wrong and you’ll need to reset your mini stepper. If this has happened to you, read on to find out the solution to your problem.

How do You Reset a Mini Stepper?

Resetting a mini stepper can mean one of two things. It could either relate to the stepper’s onboard computer (if it has one) or it could mean resetting the stepper’s resistance. Regardless, both are simple fixes, so here’s how you do it.

resetting a mini stepper

Resetting the Mini Stepper’s Computer

If your mini stepper has an onboard computer, it’ll typically count steps or display your current resistance setting. Most run on a battery because they’re simple, low-energy devices.

Your mini stepper might have different instructions, but there are two general ways to reset the onboard computer:

1. Remove and replace the battery. No electronic device can withstand this.

2. Press the Mode or Function button a set number of times. As a general rule, it’s 3 times.

Resetting your computer in this way will wipe any data and revert it back to its original settings. It’ll also theoretically fix any error messages, although higher-end devices might have some kind of diagnostic process for these.

Resetting the Mini Stepper’s Resistance

Almost all mini steppers have adjustable resistance, which you set using the tension knob located on the front of the main frame. There are a few ways you can go about resetting this back to its least resistant setting.

First, simply turn the knob anticlockwise to loosen the tension. Do this until it unscrews all the way. If the knob comes off completely, it’s fair to assume that you’ve completely reset the tension.

The second option is to basically take the mini stepper apart. To do this, you’ll want to first loosen the tension and then remove the return cable from the pulley that’s around the knob.

Your instruction manual should have steps on setting the machine up, so just follow these in reverse. This can be helpful for resetting the mini stepper but also for replacing any worn parts, such as the return cable.

While you’re taking the machine apart, it can be a good time to clean and maintain the moving parts. For example, you’ll want to oil parts of the hydraulics and even the tension knob to ensure everything moves smoothly. It’s not worth taking the mini stepper apart for this, but it’s as good a time as any to do it.

Final Thoughts on Resetting a Mini Stepper

You should now know the options you have for how to reset a mini stepper. Remember, though, that this is just a rough guide for all machines.

Your mini stepper might have different instructions, so it’ll be worth checking your user manual to make sure. Either way, it should be easy to work out how to reset a mini stepper.

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