Is NordicTrack A Good Brand?

The brand NordicTrack was Founded decades ago in 1975 from humble beginnings. Edward Pauls was the inventor of the first cross country ski machine in their garage in an effort to train for a local cross country ski race. At the time this was a huge innovation and catapulted the brand to develop a wide range of home fitness equipment and exercise machines across the world.

NordicTrack Founded

Since NordicTrack founded it has released a huge amount of cardio equipment. It now boasts an extensive line of cardio products. Check out our article here on the best NordicTrack ellipticals. 

The NordicTrack cardio available also includes treadmillsbikes, and rowers. Many of their range comes with a one year iFit membership which is their branded live training programme. Features such as bluetooth and iPad functionality.

This features an interactive workout programme carries more than 16,000 on demand workouts on their equipment. In addition to this their treadmills are built with google maps technology that allows you to experience virtual running on the screen in various locations across the globe. These features alone makes running at home a more enjoyable experience. 

nordictrack founded

Is NordicTrack Good?

NordicTrack aren’t good…. they’re great! They are a pillar in the fitness industry and have been for many many years. NordicTracks cross trainers, rower and bikes offer similar on demand classes. With intuitive touch screen controls you can follow your movement and adjust your stride to target a specific muscle group.

Their fitness equipment is built to last with a 10 year warranty on the equipment frame and two year warranty on parts. Some models are heavy duty while others boast a lightweight build.

Their website is easy to navigate showing a dedicated page to each type of elliptical and report their details and features. 

NordicTrack ellipticals offer three different series:

ar nordictrack ellipticals good?

Rear Drive Series

The rear drive models from Nordictrack design offers an ergonomic workout including a power incline feature. Perhaps the most popular feature of the design is the way they are engineered. Its built in a way to take out the packaging, lift the console in place then it’s ready to use. Some versions of the rear drive also fold, this range is called the space saver.


NordicTracks freestride trainer simulates workout out on a treadmill, cross trainer and stepper all in one! The unique design targets more muscles in the lower body which provides a more intense workout.

Below is a great review on one of NordicTracks Freestride ellipticals. The FS14i version


Being an impartial blog it’s important to highlight some of the drawbacks with the NordicTrack brand. Although they do boast a wide variety of equipment. All of their models are particularly high end. Their entry level products start at around £499 which arguably isn’t too expensive for a piece of pretty high quality cardio equipment.

But this is just one model, the price increases for each model so you don’t have a lot of variety at an affordable price. However, they do offer free shipping and 0% financing available for 36 months which makes the price more appealing on their website.

Their returns policy is straightforward with a 30 day return policy. Saying this, they do potentially charge a restocking fee for returns, this is something you need to look out for before purchasing. You don’t want to get stung on this when it’s too late!

How Long do NordicTrack Ellipticals Last?

NordicTrack offer high quality cross trainers that help lose weight. The company has gone through a huge transition as time has gone on in which quality has been an the forefront of their transition. Like all ellipticals there are problems with the NordicTrack not turning on.

But the quality of the NordicTrack ellipticals have improved drastically which they back with their generous warranties that are included. They are designed for home use but made to an almost commercial grade meaning their durability is built to last. They have varying weights and dimensions that make them ideal for all home gyms.

NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Smart Elliptical with 14” HD Touchscreen and 30-Day iFIT Family Membership

Nordictrack Customer Service Reviews

Nordictracks customer service has a lot to be desired according to online, verified reviews. The customer service department is where they see a lot of complaints.

NordicTrack Customer Service Issues

Some reported NordicTrack customer service issues include delayed responses and difficulties with arranging a service or delivery available for weeks. After investing a decent amount of money already you would expect customer service to match.

This aside, their equipment is pretty high tech with innovative performance features that you expect in moderately priced fitness equipment. One of their competitors Bowflex do offer similar priced fitness equipment, check our article here where we compare which is better NordicTrack or Bowflex.

Is nordictrack a good brand

Are NordicTrack Ellipticals Good?

NordicTrack offers some of the best value when looking for elliptical trainers for your home. They excel in both innovation and value due to stiff competition with other brands like Bowflex, ProForm and Schwinn. for a detailed breakdown on specific NordicTrack ellipticals check out our comparison article here.

Are NordicTrack Ellipticals Worth The Money?

To conclude Nordictrack is a good brand with a solid reputation for high quality home fitness equipment. If you are looking to invest in a top quality cardio machine it is worth investing in the Nordictrack.

If there are any problems with your machine, be prepared for customer service issues based on feedback from customers. But all in all, the functionality and features of their equipment alone completely outweighs any potential service issues.

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