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When people hear trampoline or mini trampoline they associate it with Childs play. But exercise trampolines – also known as fitness rebounders aren’t designed for children. They are specifically designed to provide a fun way to exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Although it may seem strange that jumping on a rebounder can provide a solid workout but you’ll be surprised to learn about a number of rebounder benefits. Its considered the same as any other type of cardiovascular exercise but perhaps the biggest benefit is that it is low impact. Which makes it perfect for people of all ages and all fitness levels.  At Cardio Capital we dive in to all of the best rebounder exercises, the best fitness trampolines and different benefits each provide. We have a number of articles answering all of your questions on rebounding. 

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  • Does NASA Use Rebounding?

    Do you think NASA, trampolines, and astronauts are related? Yes, they are. Believe it or not, before sending astronauts to space, NASA makes them jump on a rebounder. But why do NASA astronauts jump on a trampoline? NASA found that rebounding helps fight the effects of zero gravity, they decided to use it in their…

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  • Does Rebounding Help Sinus?

    Does Rebounding Help Sinus?

    Over the years, rebounding has become popular as a fun and energizing way to improve mood, lose weight, and keep yourself healthy. But does it help with sinuses? Rebounding helps sinuses is due to increased blood circulation, which flushes toxins and allergens from the body much faster. As the allergens move out from the body…

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  • Is Rebounding Good For The Heart?

    Is Rebounding Good For The Heart?

    Exercising regularly plays a large role and impacts our health in a positive way. But to the misfortune of all, people don’t make enough time for workouts.  One of the best things about regular exercise such as using the rebounder is that the cardiovascular system works at its best. Regular exercising ensures that heart health…

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